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By October 31, 2018 No Comments

You’ve heard that we’re planning to renovate the Education Building from the Project Chair, Katie Hoffman. That renovation will cost money – as you can well imagine. So yes, we are planning a new Capital Campaign to finance this renovation. The initial phase of the Campaign will seek funding from foundations and those members of our community who have been particularly helpful in the past. If anyone finds themselves in a situation where they have a generous donation they want to put towards the Education Building, and they have not been a larger donor in the past, don’t hesitate to seek me out. I’ll be happy to speak with you!

In the meantime, the Foundation’s usual commitment to helping fund Service Weekend activities, smaller capital improvements, scholarship support, and camp equipment does not cease. We need your ongoing support for the Annual Fund, for which we have a goal of $75,000 this year. I am delighted to say that donations so far this year (in mid-August) have put us about 50% of the way to our annual goal. Your generosity never ceases to amaze me! That’s not to mention the manual support we get at Service Weekends. We truly have a committed group of supporters. Thank you for believing in this special place.

 If you want a speaker for your club or organization, or you just have questions about ways to help Nature Camp through the Foundation – please contact me: Amy Kasdorf Gonzalez,