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Prospective Camper Day – Saturday, July 21, 2018

By October 31, 2018 No Comments

On our fourth annual Prospective Camper Day, held this summer, 20 families (with children ranging in age from toddlers to 15-years olds, plus one adorable French Bull dog) arrived to an unusually quiet scene on the middle Saturday of the Third Session of camp.  A weather forecast projecting rain on Sunday had prompted a decision to flip the weekend schedule, and campers and staff were off-site for the day on the traditional Sunday Hike!  Under a lightly overcast sky, the mild temperature, dry air and drifting breezes made the day picture perfect.

The calm and quiet, however, did not detract from the enjoyment of the nearly 50 attendees who came to learn and explore.  In addition to families preparing to send children to Nature Camp, for the first time,  for the upcoming 4th Session, we hosted many first time visitors from across Virginia looking at camp for 2019 and beyond.  As always, the day afforded everyone a relaxed opportunity to make connections, familiarize themselves with the grounds and facilities, ask questions, and for those 4th Session campers, to nip those naysayer first-timer fears in the bud.

Our thanks go to Collin Yurish, former camper and returning staffer (fresh from a summer forestry workshop) who conducted a mini-botany class in the chapel.  Thank you Collin!!!  We are also grateful to Head Cook Danny Sternfeld for taking time from the traditional post-hike day turkey feast preparation, to give an overview of Camp’s amazing local food.  He also shared perhaps the most perfectly ripe, juicily delicious Nelson County peaches with the group.

Mark your 2019 calendar for our 5th annual Prospectives day – once again the middle Saturday of 3rd Session – which will fall on July 20th.  As always, we will anticipate families/campers who are due to attend Nature Camp in 4th session and want to get a look and feel of the place before they arrive.  We also welcome anyone who would enjoy a short afternoon summer dose of Nature Camp!