Coinciding with the election of our next U.S. president are the Nature Camp Foundation Elections. Our staggered schedule ensures that each year we vote on at least one position for our Board of Directors. Up for election/re-election this year are the positions of President and At-Large Member. Up for appointment is our Service Weekend Chair for NCF.

We are very excited to offer electronic voting again in addition to traditional ballots. For those who requested electronic only voting last year, please check your email in early November for voting instructions. Traditional ballots will be mailed to those who requested them. Included in those paper ballots will be instructions for voting electronically should you want to save postage and paper. Below are the position descriptions for President and At-Large Member.

President: The President shall perform the usual duties of this office, including presiding at all meetings of the Foundation and of the Board.  The President may delegate duties to other Board members as necessary to carry out the activities of the Foundation.  The President shall be the primary spokesperson for the Foundation and act as a liaison between the Foundation and the Board of Nature Camp, Incorporated.  The President shall appoint all standing committee chairs subject to the approval of the Board. The President shall attend the meetings of the Board of Nature Camp, Incorporated, ex officio without vote.

At-Large Member: The At-Large Board member is expected to represent the interests of the general membership at all meetings of the Board and to participate in activities undertaken by the Board. At-large members shall be chosen so as to represent the diversity of the membership and to broaden the perspective of the Board.   As always, if you would like to recommend anyone for these positions please contact the committee at

– Chris Chamberlin, Vice President & Head of NCF Nominating Committee