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Spring Service Weekend 2016

By November 16, 2016 No Comments

ss1     The Spring Service Weekend of 2016 at Nature Camp was attended by approximately 80 individuals willing to donate their valuable free time in order to complete repairs, improvements, and maintenance in and around the buildings and grounds. The following projects are just a few of those completed during the weekend.

     The canteen now has a fresh roof that matches nearly all the buildings in camp. The continued efforts of those who don tool belts and spend the weekend shucking old shingles and tar paper and carefully placing new is greatly appreciated. The dedicated counterpart to the roofing team was up under the Educational Building once again evaluating joists and reinforcing them as needed in the dark, confined spaces they so willingly venture into each Service Weekend.

     Several of the bunks at camp received ladders and side rails during previous weekends in order to increase their ease of use and overall safety and we were able to finish these additions so that all the bunks at camp have these features. With the previous Service Weekend’s addition of new mattresses we now have the easiest to access and most comfortable bunks camp has ever seen.

ss2     The museum received a new coat of paint and many of the books were reviewed for their condition and relevance in preparation for an overhaul of the Museum and other parts of the Educational Building made possible by a generous donation from the Layne family. The siding between the kitchen door and the door to the cook’s room was replaced and stained as well. Staining continued on the “spinner blocks” which were added between the shutters of the LS in order to keep the shutters closed during the winter months.

     Other projects included caulking of the boys showers, replacing a plaque near the rec field with a hand carved piece of oak (thanks Bob Rotche!), a general cleaning of all the buildings, some painting in the kitchen, grading behind the ‘shed,’ road maintenance, cleaning in the kitchen and t-houses, new benches, and of course… invasive plant removal!

 ss4    As always the evenings were filled with delicious food, music, laughter, and fellowship long after the last tool was put away for the day.  Many gathered in the LS for songs, stories, and fellowship after a long day of work to strengthen and renew those bonds created during previous service weekends, adult sessions, hike days, or summers as campers or counselors. We always eat well during the weekend thanks to the efforts of Nell Fredericksen and her crew in the kitchen. Locally sourced food and wonderfully varied spices and preparations make each meal unique and delicious.

     Thank you Stephen, Steven, Sarah, Geoff, Jerry Carolyn, Annie, Kevin, Dhanten, Kate, Mike, Same George, Sheryl, Ventry, Lindsey, Bob, Adam, Dave, Theta, Walter, Mike, Simon, Mary Frances, Art, Beranger, Kim, Dena, Robert, Amy, Joe, Tyler, Sandra, Rhonda, Mackenzie, Jennifer, Ryan, Todd, Nell, Jason, Reid, Lisa, James, Charles, Mia, Flip, Mark, Sarah, Jesse, Chris, Mack, Jeff, Devon, Penny, Samantha, Matt, Katie, Graeme, Dexter, Lucy, Liam, Nicholas, Christian, Baxter, Neil, Lily, Nick, Sydney, Louis, Celie, Naomi, Leah, Joell, and Evan, Caleb, Jareth, and Tristan for being a part of a wonderful, productive weekend.

ss5     Service weekend is for everyone and we welcome those of all ages and skill levels to attend and contribute to the place we love regardless of ability or previous attendance at camp. Look for future announcements regarding upcoming service weekends and a review of our productive Fall Service Weekend.

– Corey Basham, Service Weekend Chair