By Theta Miller

When this issue of the Afterglow arrives in your inbox or mailbox, we will have had four Service Weekends cancelled due to Covid-19. By the Spring of 2021, although we cancelled the Spring Service Weekend, there was optimism that by fall things woud be better and we would be able to meet in the new-normal way. Unfortunately, the rise of the delta variant nudged us towards our fourth cancellation and the 2021 Fall Service Weekend was also cancelled. I have heard mingled disappointment for the loss and support of that decision from many of you.

We are now working on full expectation that the 2022 Spring Service Weekend WILL go forward on the third weekend of May with the appropriate health and safety measures and precautions, and there will be an extensive list of tasks to accomplish! All the routine maintenance tasks will just require MORE. In great faith that our Camp community will pull together and respond, there will be a long list when we can reassemble for service and fun.

There will be a Save-the-Date reminder in April with a preview of our most pressing maintenance and special needs, and details of our Covid policies. But do not wait, put us on your calendar now for May 20-22, 2022. When that notice comes, there will be a new feature for online reservations. Please use it to let us know if you will be attending or hoping to attend. We continue to welcome everyone, but it sure helps to plan tasks and meals if we know whom to expect.

Here is looking forward to May!!!