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Service Weekend updates – pandemic postponements and individual service

There is just no good way to say it. There will be no 2021 Spring Service Weekend and the crystal ball is cloudy (although with puffy white clouds rather than the swirling dark grey and crackling lightening of this time last year) when we look to the fall.

We had no Service Weekends in 2020 and for many of us, that was a real loss. Coming together to care for Nature Camp is like visiting the old home-place and having an extended family reunion as well as getting the chores done.

As the situation evolves, and more and more of us are getting vaccinated, there is hope for a return to many of the gatherings which we used to have, and in that hope, we are planning that there will be a Fall Service Weekend in 2021. There may well be CDC and Virginia COVID restrictions in place and the need for altered behaviors to adhere to those restrictions to assure that we can gather safely. We will send out additional communication as we have answers and plans. Please look for updates via our website, Facebook page and email.

2020 Socially Distanced or Solitary Special Service

Is it a Service Weekend if you have to bring your own food, and don’t see anyone other than your immediate family members? I kinda think… no. Even so, there were a handful of folks who came at different times in the spring of our pandemic year to get a few critical projects done.

A new access was added to the personal quarters of the infirmary. Carolyn and Jerry Wine came three separate times to make the door happen, from cutting and framing the opening, to installing the door and storm door which they built to match the existing camp style. Mack and Liam Carr created the steps and landing. Krista, David, Lydia and Helena Samson came to paint the Ed Building.

Many thanks to these committed souls!