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Nature Camp Roll of Honor welcomes Carolyn and Jerry Wine

For the past several years, Carolyn Wine (camper 1993-1998) and her father, Jerry, have been regular attendees at Service Weekends, during which time they have enthusiastically undertaken a number of projects required skilled carpentry, including new shelving in the canteen and a handrail for the steps to the Education Building. They even took it upon themselves to repair one of the Best All-Around Camper plaques in the Lillian Schilling Building. But in 2020 they really went above and beyond in their service to Camp. First they built a new exterior door for the nurse’s quarters, which allows access to this room without having to pass through the sick room of the infirmary. Then they crafted two exquisite oak tables for the refurbished museum and a bench for the porch of the Girls’ Bunkhouse, using materials which Jerry donated. Nature Camp is incredibly fortunate to have such dedicated and talented craftspeople in our midst, and in recognition of their extraordinary contributions and exceptional generosity, we are pleased to induct Jerry and Carolyn Wine as new members of the Roll of Honor in the class of 2021. Congratulations and thank you, Carolyn and Jerry!