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2019 Spring Service Weekend Report

By December 18, 2019 No Comments

Spring Service Weekend 2019 was back on more familiar ground after the storm-related complications of the previous fall. We had 70 adults and 15 minors answer the call. The service, food, and fellowship were all incredible. I am simply awed, both by the needs of Camp and our community’s will to pull together and fill those needs. In one way, there wasn’t anything special about the work. Springtime and nature did their things: vegetation grew, branches fell from trees, rain infiltrated, water flowed across the earth, debris clogged ditches, buildings aged and settled, creatures lived, bred and fed, dust settled and in general entropy prevailed. Then volunteers came to tidy and repair and maintain and improve and to nurture community.

The eternal work of brush management, ditch clearing, tree pruning, and discouragement of invasives like Autumn Olive isn’t sexy and is never finished. It’s always on the list and there were, as always, folks willing to take it on. Similarly, every building and fan and toilet needs cleaning every time. That was done with smiles!

There seems to be a race to replace wood siding faster than the carpenter bees compromise it by drilling in to create their shelters. Various pieces of siding and a window frame on the back of the boy’s bunk house were replaced. Screens suffer from the activities of people in the summer and the absence of people in the winter. Screens were repaired till we ran out of screen! A multitude of small repairs and adjustments were also made to shutters. Doors were adjusted to open and close without dragging on the floor. Nail pops in the roof were reseated and caulked. Sinks were more securely mounted to walls. Bathroom mirrors were replaced and hung securely. Failure of the light in the organ alcove of the chapel was investigated and temporarily repaired, pending a more complicated ultimate fix.

Bright yellow painted letter designations on the buildings for emergency identification and forest brown on the block foundations of several buildings were refreshed this time. The Adirondack chairs from the Staff House porch were sanded, re-stained and re-sealed. The clothes washer and dryer machines, plumbing and ductwork components were inspected and thoroughly cleaned. The
collection of games in the LS was reviewed. Misplaced pieces were reconnected with their “families” and a few new games were added to the collection (due to the generosity and shopping mission of Sarah Preston).

In addition to the tasks that always appear on the list, there were numerous improvements, large and small. From under the boys T-House, a great deal of old construction debris was removed. A long-term unknown deficiency was identified and remedied by piping the floor drains to the exterior of the building and a vapor barrier was put down to reduce damaging moisture in the crawlspace. Joist replacement continued under the staff house. In the office, there were also ceiling fans and new lights installed. Ladders were added to the female staff’s bunks. The clothesline posts behind the girls T-house were upgraded. Lighted switches were installed in the bunk houses so that they can be found more easily in the dark. That last small item was a much commented on and VERY well received improvement. I guess I’m not the only one who has fumbled in the dark for the light switch!

All of this “task” identification runs the risk of obscuring the real feeling of a Service Week end. The end of a day brings a tired body but not a tired spirit and after a hot shower there is Nell’s DELICIOUS, REAL food, fellowship, and fun music.

Thank you to Adam, Alex, Amy, Ann, Annie, Barak, Ben, Bennie, Brett, Brian, Campbell, Carolyn, Carolyn, Cate, Cathy, Celie, Corey, Corrina, Dave, David, Debbie, Dexter, Doug, Evan, Gary, George, Giovanni, Hanly, Hannah, Islomiddin, Jackson, Jason, Jerry, Joel, John, Josh, Kaitlyn, Karen, Kat, Kate, Katie, Kim, Krista, Langston, Leah, Lela, Leslie, Liam, Lucky, Luke, Mack, Maggie, Maria, Mary Caroline, Mary-Francis, Matthew, Mckenna, Meg, Mia, Michaux, Mike, Mike, Mitch, Naomi, Nell, Olivier, Paul, Penny, Robert, Ryan, Samantha, Samantha, Sandra, Sarah, Sarah, Scott, Sharon, Sheryl, Stacy, Steph, Stephanie, Theta, Trish, Tyler, and Wallis!

If you think that with all the work done, there couldn’t have been much time for fun, then take a look at some pictures from the weekend and make your own conclusions!

Come join us next time. Spring Service Weekends are always the third full weekend in May and Fall Service Weekends are the third full weekend in September. Mark your calendars and join the fun.

by Theta Miller