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News from the Nature Camp Foundation Development Committee

I would like to take credit for the outstanding donations to the Nature Camp Foundation Annual Fund ($87K+ compared to the goal of $75K) in 2018. And let’s celebrate another $14K+ contributed to the Scholarship Fund in 2018 and over $20,000 given to the nascent Education Building Renovation Campaign! I’d like to think that the eloquence and poignancy in my communications prompts your generosity. And yet, in my heart, I know your gift grows from within your own hearts, from the love and respect that you have for the mission of Nature Camp and the Nature Camp Foundation.

Elsewhere in this Afterglow, you will see the Annual Report from our fair Madame President Fredericksen. And you will see an update from Katie Hoffman, the Project Lead for the Education Building Renovation Project. It’s always good to keep you in the loop and to thank you when you make donations. As a Development Chair, I’m starting to learn these things. Thank goodness I don’t work alone. There’s a team of caring volunteers to keep this effort thriving. That’s one way we keep our overhead so low – no full time paid employees for the Foundation. We pay as needed only for more technical services. We strive very hard to keep the highest percentage possible of your donation headed to the mission of supporting Nature Camp.

When you visit the Foundation website’s Give page (, you will see there is an option for donating to the Campaign, amongst the other ways you can direct your giving. We will be conducting a quiet campaign for a bit longer, soliciting charitable foundations and larger private donors, but stay tuned for more Campaign news in the coming year. The Campaign to Renovate the Education Building is kind of a mouthful, so we are working to come up with a “brand” name. We’re thinking “Building on Tradition.”

If you are reading this, we probably have your current contact information up to date in our database. However, if you know someone who loves Camp, but might not have current information with us, would you let me know? That way folks can receive their own Afterglow and/or reminders about Service Weekends and Fall Hike Day. Questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions – send ‘em my way at