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Happy spring from the board of Nature Camp, Inc. Let me begin by making sure that I thank several people who have moved off of the board. Of course, Amy Gonzalez left me some pretty big shoes to fill, and I am determined to do my best. We miss having her on our board, but we’re excited that she will be putting her many talents to work in service of the NCF as their new Development Chair.

Sarah Preston, our talented Secretary, moved off of the board. Sarah really did wonders with our communication to scholarship donors, updating our thank-you letter with fresh graphics and photos from Camp. We’re very stylish now! Fortunately, Tony Walters has agreed to serve as Board Secretary. Tony has had many roles on Camp’s staff, and will help us reach our goal of being more intergenerational. We know he’ll bring some good insights with him to our board.

Big thanks go to Joe Garvin for being willing to become the Vice-President; I’m really pleased that he’s willing to bring his talent and experience to the table. He’s one of my longest-term Camp friends and I value his intelligence and wisdom. (Don’t get the big head, Joe, just because I’m being nice to you in the Afterglow!) When Joe became VP, we needed a new Financial Assistance Director, and Alex Haney gamely agreed to assume this important role. With the help of his committee members and with some good advice from Joe, Alex has already survived his first round of applications for aid, and it has gone quite smoothly.

Finally, Corey Basham joined our board to become Facilities Director when Ventry Smith moved over to the Caretaker position. We’re excited to have Corey join us, putting his experience as NCF Service Weekend Chair to good use on our board. I am incredibly grateful for the service of so many talented people—those who are leaving us and those who are just beginning to bring their considerable talents to our board.

In other NCI news, Stacy Luks, our Publicity and Promotions Director, is hard at work planning another Prospective Camper Orientation day (which she will describe in her own article), and she has also begun working on a redesign of the Nature Camp brochure and our NCI website.

Nina Chew Anderson, our Education Director, is working with Flip to compile a list of good Evening Program speakers, so if you have suggestions, please send her an email with a short description and the potential speaker’s contact information.

We have a new Adult Session Coordinator, Alexandra Miller, who will be supporting Flip in organizing Adult Session and ensuring that it runs smoothly. The Education Building Project is moving along (please see the separate article on this subject), and we are looking forward to another wonderful set of Camp sessions in 2018.

Editors note:  All of us –  the NCF board, NCI board and Nature Camp Family  – welcome Katie Hoffman and cannot wait to work with her.