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Spring Service Weekend 2017

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3.3The past Spring Service Weekend, which took place the third weekend of May (as it does each year), resulted in the completion of many smaller projects as well as progress on those continuing from weekends prior. Service weekend is an opportunity for those who believe in Camp’s mission to gather there, enjoy the company of others who share those feelings, and contribute through a unique donation of time and effort to the place we all love. The spring is spent rousing camp from its winter dormancy and preparing it to serve our community by fostering a love and appreciation for our natural world and resources in the young minds that annually gather there.

The sound of shovels shucking shingles and the rhythmic pounding of many hammers was absent from Service Weekend in May 2017 due to the efforts of those who have spent nearly every Service Weekend prior for several years removing old roof covering and applying new in order to protect the sacred spaces below. We actually now have a break from re-roofing the buildings!! The iconic dark siding and brown foundation block seen on every building around camp was renewed on many of the buildings and will continue to be reapplied until each building is looking its best again. Lighting and air circula-tion was increased in the infirmary to better serve those who work and receive care there and the exhaust fans in the bunk-houses were re-wired to better serve camp on the hottest days of the summer. The kitchen, which is a constant hive of activity during every gathering at Camp, was improved through several projects including better lighting in the walk-in refrigerator, relocation of ceiling vents, and installation of large fans to keep those working there cool. Special thanks to our head cook during these weekends, Nell Fredericksen, for consistently providing a variety of remarkable meals. The foundations of the buildings around camp needed to be adjusted so that access can be provided for the crews who venture underneath to assess and replace the joists that provide support for our
floors. After these holes  were carefully created, access doors were assembled  and fitted to those openings so that future monitoring of those spaces can  easily take place. Screens  make up a great deal of  the vertical surfaces on the  bunkhouses, T-houses, LS,  and Education Building  and must be maintained or replaced frequently. Old, worn frames were repaired and new screen attached and the screens re-installed.

3.4Various cleaning projects take place during Service Weekends and I extend a special thank you to those who welcome these project assignments with a smile as they utilize buckets, rags, brooms, and mops to remove old build up and revive our indoor spaces for those who learn and reside there. Camp takes care of trash removal from many of the roadways nearby and a “trash hike” provided a leisurely walk with good conversation making it a much more pleasant experience than the name may indicate. Many of the sinks around camp were repaired and improved to make them more stable and to protect the walls behind those fixtures. Thank you Ventry, Taimir, Bill, Mac, Penny, Sheryl, Brett, Katie, Sarah, Steven, David, Stephanie, Tyler, Sam, Maggie, Debbie, Bess, Ryan, Collin, Matthew, Eleanor, Luke, Katie, Gary, Jennifer, Annie, Alan, Alexandra, Paul, Sarah, Michael, Dan, Jeff, Adam, Charles, Theta, Kim, William, Mary Frances, Jackie, Dan, Jeff, Adam, Charles, Ryan, Kevin, Amy, Rick, Jason, Larry, Reid, Mia, Flip, Alex, Glenn, Mike, Austin, Chris, Sam, Nell,Todd, Liam, Maria, Tristan, Caleb, Joel, Kevin, Leah, Hanley, Langston, Jonah, Indra, and Jareth! Your dedication to preserving our beautiful facilities saves camp thousands of dollars every year! Everyone is welcome at Service Weekend regardless of prior experience as a camper or staffer and all skill levels can be put to use. We welcome families and the rec field or the surrounding national forest provides an excellent opportunity for those who desire to camp as a group. The traditional, separate male and female bunkhouses and bathhouses are fully available for use during the weekend while very limited alternate accommodations are available on-site. Those requiring or desiring other accommodation are encouraged to check out the various lodging options available in nearby Lexington. Please contact me (Corey Basham) at with any requests or concerns regarding sleeping accommodations or dietary restrictions including allergies. Please go to and click the “Stay Connected” link in the upper right corner to update your information in our system in order to receive communications regarding upcoming NCF events.

– Corey Basham, Service Weekend Chair