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Service Committee Plans Major Renovations

From the April/May 2011 Afterglow

During the 2011 Fall Service Weekend we will remove the kitchen flooring. It is time. It is cracked in several places and needs new linoleum. At this time, we will also replace some of the kitchen appliances that are old and continue to cost a great deal to repair. The Hobart dish sanitizer needs to be replaced. Other appliances, food?prep tables, counters, and sinks might also need to be replaced. The compressor for the walk?in refrigerator went out this winter. By the time you read this, we will have replaced the entire refrigeration unit, inside and outside. The new refrigeration unit will be much more efficient than the last unit. The last unit was actually designed to be a freezer unit and was retrofitted to work in our walk?in. The 2?horse power motor necessary for a freezer unit will be replaced by a 1?horse power motor in the new refrigeration unit, so we should see a significant drop in our electricity consumption. We are also exploring ways to use less energy during the 8 months when there is nobody using the walk?in.

We plan to add ceiling fans in the bunkhouses during either the spring or fall service weekends. The exhaust fans that were installed more than a decade ago are quite loud and never worked as well as was hoped. Each bunkhouse will receive 6 ceiling fans. These fans and the necessary electrical cable and boxes will be purchased with a generous donation from the Ford’s Colony Garden Club.

?? Jim Brooks, Chair Service Committee