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NCF Membership Clarified

By November 30, 2009 2 Comments

There has been some recent confusion as to what constitutes a “Member” of the Nature
Camp Foundation. As our organization has grown and evolved over the past two plus years, some
restructuring was inevitable. One aspect of that restructuring was to redefine how membership
works. We are no longer a dues based organization, but one that is supported by an annual fund.
Everyone that we have on our mailing list receives the Afterglow, which is how we stay connected
to our Nature Camp base. But not everyone that gets the Afterglow is a member of the Foundation
with voting rights. To qualify as a member of the Nature Camp Foundation with full voting
rights you must have made a contribution of any amount to the Nature Camp Foundation annual
fund, or have given “in kind” by donating services or labour (such as working at service weekends).