Nature Camp Foundation News

NCF Board – Elections Past and Future

Last year the Foundation revised its by?laws to provide staggered terms for officers and committee
chairs, with a third of them to be elected or appointed each year for three?year terms. This structure
preserves institutional memory and avoids the risk of block departures from the board.

In 2008 we held an election for Vice?President, for which Campbell Tuskey Hutton (Cammie) was
successfully re?elected. At the same time, Nell Jefferson Fredericksen was reappointed as Communications Chair, and Amy Wingfield Clark as Finance Chair. This year the elected positions of Secretary and Treasurer become open, as will the appointed positions of Development Chair and Volunteer Coordinator. A nominating committee will be created in June, with nominations accepted by mail, phone, or email anytime through August. In September the committee will produce a proposed slate of nominees to be approved by the board of directors and the ballots will be mailed in October to all qualified voters. Those who contributed money or made in-kind contributions during 2008 are eligible to vote and will receive ballots with short candidate biographies.

As Vice-President, Cammie Hutton chairs the nominating committee and is coordinating the election.
If you are interested in serving on the nominating committee, or are willing to consider serving in
one of the open positions, please contact the nominating committee. Given the planned schedule of Afterglow mailings, this isthe ONLY call for nominations that will be published. Watch the Foundation website for announcements about elections throughout the summer.