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By October 4, 2023 No Comments

– Amy Kasdorf Gonzalez

A number of you lovely folks had designated the Nature Camp Foundation as your non-profit of choice when it came to choosing a recipient for your Amazon Smile benefits. Amazon was good about letting those of us who let their fingers do the shopping know about the help we were generating. For 2022 and 2023, the Foundation received $180.88 from Amazon Smile. However, in February 2023, Amazon terminated that program. If you are looking for another way to painlessly generate donations for an organization you want to help, please consider the Kroger Community Rewards program.

Everyone needs groceries, and Kroger will accrue benefits for us every time you shop there if you elect Nature Camp Foundation as your chosen non-profit. Just sign up for Kroger Community Rewards at this link: Then be sure to use your Kroger Shoppers card when you make a purchase at Kroger!

These programs are a nice, easy way to help direct corporate money our way, but we still depend on direct contributions from you, our Nature Camp Foundation family. In the vein of “set it and forget it”, we encourage you to explore the Recurring Gift option at our website When you opt to make a recurring gift, you can choose a monthly or quarterly frequency. We’ll send you an acknowledgement letter when you elect a recurring gift, then we’ll send you one summary thank you letter at the end of the year. Recurring gifts add up. Hop on board the “set it and forget it” train for the Nature Camp Foundation. Many thanks to those of you who have already discovered the ease of this way to support Nature Camp!