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Hello Dear Ones,

I’ve changed hats, from President of the Board of Directors for Nature Camp, Inc., to Chair of the Development Committee of the Nature Camp Foundation. Where I have previously been discreet in my solicitation for support for Nature Camp, my requests will become a bit more overt. Please don’t run the other way when you see me coming!

Nature Camp has enjoyed monetary and sweat equity support from you very generous people over the 75 years we’ve been in existence. That need for support doesn’t stop. Our commitment to educating youth in the natural sciences and inspiring their passion for learning and caring about our precious natural resources means there will always be a financial aid program that must be funded. Vehicles for field trips must be replaced. Equipment deteriorates, especially in the damp woods of Vesuvius! We do our best to maintain and improve – you can always help.

If you want a speaker for your club or organization, or you just have questions about ways to help Nature Camp through the Foundation – don’t hesitate to contact me: Amy Kasdorf Gonzalez,