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The Gus Deeds Memorial Pavilion Completed

Thank you to all who contributed to the Gus Deeds Memorial Fund. Due to your generosity, we surpassed our goal.

Construction on the Gus Deeds Memorial Pavilion fortuitously began on May 6th, Gus’ birthday. Much of the lumber for the posts and beams either was milled from a white oak which used to shade the pool or was generously donated by alumnus Walter Mehring. The site was graded and leveled in the morning, holes were dug for posts in the afternoon, and beams went up over the next few days.

Many sets of hands worked on the completion of the Gus Deeds Memorial Pavilion at the Spring Service Weekend. Gravel was added for the floor,  a French drain installed around the perimeter, and benches were made for the interior.

A camper who embodied all that made Gus special was selected to receive the first Gus Deeds Memorial Scholarship to attend Camp this summer.

A dedication of the Pavilion is planned for June.

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