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Nature Camp History Project – Update

historyprojIn November 2014, several of us gathered at the home of Ellen White Hart (Richmond, VA) for a weekend of oral history training led by NCHP Director Katie Hoffman. The group included three members of the current staff: Abigail Simon, Shannon Hart, and Mason Davis. Ellen, along with playing hostess, participated in the training. So did Mary Frances Mays, Abigail’s mom and a faithful Service Weekend volunteer. Participants learned how to conduct an archival quality interview, with the goal of having at least two interviews apiece under their belts in the coming year. It was a productive weekend; the trainees managed to record oral histories of Ellen and Katie on the afternoon after the training session ended. On Sunday, we took a group field trip to the Old Church Creamery in Manquin, Virginia. There, we interviewed Catherine Hellgeth Long, who runs this popular and beloved creamery with her husband, Keith, and her daughters and son-in-law. We heard about the Longs’ tasty and healthful products and how, using organic methods, they are able to provide a tasty and very high-quality product from their small operation. We toured the creamery and saw their herd of 51 beautiful Jersey cows, and during the oral history, Catherine told us how Nature Camp figured into this whole picture. We ended the weekend with three interviews to submit to our oral history collection. We also ended having enjoyed each other’s company and ready for our next field adventures, which will begin this spring.