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The Nature Camp Foundation is blessed with a community of people who donate their time and talent as well as contribute financially. Nature Camp continues to thrive due to your generous contributions. In addition to growing financial support, we’re interested in expanding and deepening relationships with the Nature Camp family. With this in mind, the following is a brief list of areas where we would welcome your expertise in the next year.

Write an article for the Afterglow: We always are looking for guest authors and/or people to interview alumni for the Follow the Gleam feature. If you’d like to pitch a story or write a feature article, please contact Nell Frederickson at:

Lead a Service Weekend Project: Have construction, electrical, or plumbing expertise and willing to supervise a work weekend project? Please contact Alia Anderson to learn how to get more involved in leading and managing projects for work weekend at:

Advise on Green Building Options: Ventry, Gary, and Art are always looking for ways to green our facilities and occasionally need assistance researching green options. If you have green building expertise or are LEED certified and are available for an occasional call or research project, please contact Ventry and let him know areas in which you are able to advise at:

Assist with Long Range Planning: The Nature Camp Foundation is collaborating with Nature Camp Inc to develop a long range financial plan for facilities. If you are good with spreadsheets and financials and would like to help, please contact Annie White at:

Help plan the May 2015 Reunion: The reunion is scheduled for May 29-31, 2015. If you are interested in helping with the planning or proposing or leading an activity during the reunion, please contact Graelyn Brashear at:

Design a Social Media Campaign: What’s Nature Camp’s equivalent of the ice bucket challenge? If you are well versed in how organizations can utilize social media to increase engagement and reach its goals, we’d welcome your assistance and guidance in developing the Nature Camp Foundation’s social media strategy and individual campaigns. Please contact Nell Fredericksen at:

Help with the Nature Camp History Project: Help preserve the long and rich history of Nature Camp. Learn to take oral histories or help organize photos and documents. Katie Hoffman is heading up efforts to create a permanent collection documenting the history of Nature Camp to be housed at the UVA library. If you would like to help with this project contact Katie Hoffman at:

Recruit and Identify Volunteers: If you enjoy recruiting and identifying volunteers and matching them with assignments and would like to further develop this Afterglow feature, we’d love to have you involved. Please contact Annie White at: