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Nature Camp Roll of Honor

Nature Camp announces three new inductees into the Roll of Honor: Joe and Cindy Irby and Mike Meads. All three worked diligently to plan and oversee much needed (and long overdue renovations to the caretaker’s quarters this past fall in anticipation of Gary Barker’s arrival. Both alumni of the Virginia Military Institute who have resettled in Rockbridge County, Lt. Col. Irby and Capt. Meads have been affiliated with Nature Camp for over three decades and have left their marks in immeasurable ways. They both continue to serve in vital roles: as Development Chair for the NCF, Joe has introduced new and sophisticated means of keeping track of donor information and gifts, and Mike has implemented new accounting practices and improved the efficiency of financial management as Treasurer of NCI. Cindy’s ties to Nature Camp go back nearly as far (the Fourth Session 1986 edition of Woodland Echoes reports that she accompanied then Assistant Director Joe on a Sunday hike to December Ridge,) and more recently she and Joe have sent their own children as campers. (Cindy, you really need to all end Adult Session one of these years.) Mike, Joe, and Cindy’s names will be added to the roster of some three dozen individuals who have been recognized over the past decade for their extraordinary, non-monetary contributions to Nature Camp. Thank you for your gifts of time, creativity, and persistence.