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From may 2010 Afterglow

With summer 2009 seeing near?record enrollment and the upcoming summer sessions filling fast, it is apparent that thanks are due to many people who are helping Nature Camp to thrive. At our annual November meeting, Nature Camp, Inc. (NCI) board members commented on the many people and groups contributing in different ways to Nature Camp’s success.

While the campers and families who support their young people are at the heart of the rewarding summer experience, literally dozens of garden clubs, environmental groups, and individuals make it possible for attendance to grow through their contributions to camper scholarships. Whether supporting campers directly or making a gift earmarked for scholarships, these generous gifts help to offset the need for assistance during this economic downturn. The board voted to keep tuition at the same level ($700) for at least another year, making the Nature Camp experience a relative bargain. We welcome and appreciate any interest in providing camper scholarships and urge you to contact Director Flip
Coulling with questions or contributions.

Thanks, too, to those who volunteer at Earth Day fairs and who pass out brochures and applications at local schools or to friends and neighbors. Word?of?mouth advertising by those who know of Camp firsthand has proven far more effective than print advertising at generating interest in Nature Camp. We would like to extend a special thanks to Amy Beaird and Charlie Truxell as well. Amy has worked at Nature Camp for 25 summers and was recognized last summer for her tireless efforts in keeping all the campers safe and healthy. And while caretaker Charlie is a familiar face to Nature Camp’s summer population, he works throughout the year on maintenance and prevention and is truly one of Camp’s finest assets.

As we look to the future of Nature Camp, we will continue to rely on the extended Nature Camp family for assistance. If, for example, you have medical experience at the EMT level or higher and would be willing to be placed on a list of “back?up” care providers who might be called upon to give Amy Beaird an occasional reprieve for a day, please let Flip Coulling know. Future plans for Camp’s facilities include examining Camp’s museum and potentially reshaping it into a more current and usable space; if you have expertise or interest in this area and would be interested in serving on a task force to make recommendations, please also contact Flip.

We know that it is the growing community of Nature Camp’s friends and alumni that has strengthened Camp for many years and that will ensure its longevity for future generations.

Many thanks to you all. ?? Anne Rottenborn Balto, NCI President