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Help Recruit New Campers!

By February 21, 2009 No Comments

Please help us spread the word about Nature Camp to potential new campers.

Enrollment numbers at this time look quite strong—we are full for girls in Second, Third, and Fourth Sessions.  However, we still have room in all sessions for boys and in First Session for girls.  We are also accepting 9th grade girls into First Session for those who would prefer a different session to being on the waiting list.  We encourage you to apply even if your session is full, because some slots open up every year as summer gets closer and family plans change.


These are the dates and school grade ranges for Summer 2009:

First Session (grades 10-12*): June 21 – July 4
Second Session (grades 8-9*): July 5 – July 18
Third Session (grades 7-8*): July 19 – August 1
Fourth Session (grades 5-6*): August 2 – August 15

*Grade in which applicant is currently enrolled.


Interested girls and boys can download an application at  For many years now, getting the word out about Nature Camp to 5th and 6th graders has proven challenging, though this is the ideal time for young people to begin their time at Nature Camp.  (I got to come to Nature Camp for six summers because I found out about Camp while I was in 5th grade, and every session I attended at Camp was a very special time for me.  I’d like new campers to find out about Camp while they’re still young enough to attend for many summers, as I did, although even one summer at Camp can prove to be a life-changing experience for a young person.)


I am seeking volunteers to help spread the word about Nature Camp to schools with students who are eligible to attend Camp.  I would like to send you a packet of information to use to approach your local schools in telling their students about Nature Camp.  You may approach teachers, guidance counselors, administrative staff, or maybe a parent-teacher association or parents.  While many school districts restrict broad dissemination of non-school material, you may be in a position to recruit informally.  Are you a teacher?  Do you work in a school?  Do you know a teacher you could talk with about Nature Camp?  And please don’t feel the need to restrict yourself to the schools.  We’re interested in any child who might enjoy and benefit from the Nature Camp experience.


What I can send you is a packet with the following materials:  copies of a cover letter with general information about Nature Camp, Camp brochures, and Camp applications.  Feel free to make more copies of any of the materials, or contact me for more materials.


Please let me know if you are interested in helping us out with camper recruiting.  Many thanks for all you have done and continue to do to provide a brighter world for our campers.



Shirley Napps

Director of Publicity and Promotion

Nature Camp, Inc.