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Upgrade Completed on Time

By September 20, 2008 No Comments

From Afterglow #73 Sept 08:

Despite massive rains during the spring, our contractors plowed ahead with the renovations, and managed to get everything done in time for camp to open with some major, MAJOR help from the Service Committee, who restored things so well that, except for the wider paths, it’s hard to believe it was ever changed at all. Here’s a summary of work from Jim Brooks:

“There is a new transformer at ground level at the base of the power pole. There are two huge electrical panels next to the new transformer, and five of us built a wooden roof on the metal structure that was designed and built for us by LG. Flint of Lynchburg, VA. There is new wiring in all the buildings except the caretakers’ house. There is new plumbing in all the buildings that have plumbing. There are new electrical feeder lines running underground to all the buildings. There are new plumbing feeder lines running underground to all the buildings. There are new sinks in the
GTH, BTH, GBH, and BBH, and the BTH has four new shower stalls. There are all new showers, sinks, and toilets in the Staff House and BTM. The new plumbing and electrical work looks great.

“We owe Charlie, the caretaker, a huge debt of gratitude for all he has done to keep the project moving along. We would not be nearly as far along as we are without his constant vigilance. He worked ahead of the electricians to remove sheet rock from the walls so the electricians didn’t have to take the time. This was necessary to run new wires in the Infirmary, Education building, and Staffhouse. Charlie was also there on a daily basis to make suggestions about where to relocate trenches and breaker panels for better access to the buildings, and to make certain that no
buried cables or pipes were cut by the backhoe operators. Shake Charlie’s hand and tell him “thank you” the next time you see him.

“The NCF Service Committee has hosted 41 Service Days or Weekends since the incorporation of the NCF. I have attended 40 of those, and have never been more proud of what we accomplished than this past weekend. Camp was a mess when we arrived, and looked pretty darned good when we left. We rolled many many rocks to line the paths, and hauled many many loads of gravel for the paths and leaves to cover the raw dirt where the trenches had been covered. Of the 66 folks who attended, 16 had never been to a previous Service Weekend, three folks were on Staff this year and another three were First Session campers.

“Amber gets the volunteer hero award for her help in May. She started taping, mudding, and sanding sheet rock on Thursday May 15 and made a number of stops at camp to continue on the project over the subsequent two weeks.” The playfield was leveled and given a provisional seeding in May. It will be reseeded in the fall, and rough spots in the road will be smoothed out.