Nature Camp Foundation News

Construction at Camp begins!!!

With permission from the Forest Service to begin trenching granted, work on the upgrades to camp began in February. In mid-February a working group consisting of representatives from both NC, Inc. and the NCF, met with the construction crew to discuss specific plans for the work to be completed this spring. The hope is that all construction will be completed this spring, however,we all know the realities of construction work…. Therefore, they have been asked to define a “stopping point” by May 15, so that May Service Weekend, Adult Session and our Nature Camp summer sessions can continue as usual. Any unfinished work will be done in September. At present, electrical upgrades are being carried out in the buildings, the old plumbing has been removed and is being replaced, the new plumbing and new grease trap is being installed in the LS Building. Site work that will entail trenching for the new plumbing pipes and laying of electrical lines has begun. This work is being carefully supervised on site by our wonderful caretaker Charlie Truxell. — From information submitted by Jim Brooks